Butt Free Australia is a product stewardship organisation focussed on reducing the environmental impact of cigarette butt littering. Product stewardship initiatives provide avenues for everyone involved in a product chain to share responsibility for the products they produce, handle, purchase, use or discard.

British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) funded the establishment of the independent Butt Littering Trust (now trading as Butt Free Australia) in 2003. The Trust has always openly acknowledged its origins. BATA remained its major contributor until KESAB environmental solutions acquired Butt Free Australia’s inventory of assets in January 2012.

Butt Free Australia’s activities include: social and behavioural research, awareness raising initiatives such as ‘Not a Good Look’, resource development and on-the-ground projects.

Not a Good Look is Butt Free Australia’s national awareness campaign aimed at reducing the environmental impact of butt litter.  It sends a clear message that it’s just not right to throw away a butt……..Because whatever way you look at it, butt littering is Not a Good Look!”