Butt FREE Melbourne!

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Image by Louise M Cooper

Butt Free Australia joined forces with City of Melbourne, EPA Victoria and Melbourne Water to highlight the issue of butt litter and its impact on our environment.

Launched Friday, 26 August 2011 on the banks of Melbourne’s mighty Yarra river, the Butt FREE Melbourne campaign got off to a great start.  TV and radio crews gathered as Butt Free Australia’s Chair Ian Coles, Chairman of EPA Victoria Cheryl Batagol and Melbourne Water’s General Manager of Waterways, Chris Chesterfield were photographed holding a cylinder containing 10,500 butts – the same number dropped on Melbourne’s streets every working day, of which around one in ten end up in our waterways!

The campaign became a real talking point on social media sites and in combination with our ‘Not a Good Look’ print, radio and billboard advertising, spread the message loud and clear to Please Butt It, Then Bin It® for a Butt FREE Melbourne.