Butt Hunters Unite for a Cause

| Great initiative

Suzie Temple with some of the collected butts. Source Sunshine Coast Daily

Butt hunting became a recreational pastime for residents of the Sunshine Coast who aimed to collect 1 million butts.

The butts where not the human kind, but those dropped by cigarette smokers. Butt hunters across the coast where sick of seeing the cigarette litter thrown everywhere and the Great Butt Muster was born.

Suzie Temple and a band of volunteers collected butts for a month and where appalled by the number of them, particularly along the Maroochy River.

She said, “In one short walk along the Maroochy River I picked up over 1000 butts.  I am absolutely astonished by the number of them”.

Ms Temple added, “Butts flicked onto the ground eventually make their way to rivers and pollute them.  What we are picking up are only those butts on the shore.  I’d hate to think how many are in the river”.

The group where given a new challenge with the donation of a 1m3 see through perspex box by Maroochy Waterwatch.

Cerran Fawns, CEO of Maroochy Waterwatch said, “I heard about their efforts and wanted to thank the group for helping look after the river.  After meeting up with Suzie, we decided to set the challenge and fill the box with littered butts.

She added, “We estimate that the box can contain about 1 million butts.  Once filled it will be used as an educational resource to show people the extent of the problem”.

A Facebook page has also been developed to track the progress of the project  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Bin-ur-butts/166878313387480.