Insight Mining – Digging Deeper into Butt Littering

| Research

Butt Free Australia has just released new research into the attitudes and behaviours of butt litterers.

The research drills down even further into the various butt littering segments – Apologists, Rationalists and Defensives. Amongst other things it explores the broader concept of socially unacceptable behaviour, butt littering behaviour and implications for campaign activity.

Firefly, the qualitative consultancy of Millward Brown who conducted the initial behavioural research in 2009, was commissioned to undertake this next phase. An !deaBlog study which employs a social media style of forum to elicit reactions and opinions over a 4-5 day period was undertaken in late 2010.

The findings, presented at the Waste Management Association of Australia ‘Success by the Tonne’ conference this week are being used to further refine and shape the successful ‘Not a Good Look’ campaign.

Like to know more?  Download a copy of the !deaBlog presentation here.