• No Bins

    There are lots of bins around but bins can’t be everywhere.  Find one, or use a personal ashtray.

  • Everyone does it

    Not true.  Lots of smokers never litter. They know it’s not a good look!

  • One small butt

    Just one small butt?….Around 7 billion butts are littered in Australia every year!

  • Breaks Down

    Filters are made of plastic filaments and can take ages (up to 15 years) to break down!

  • They’re cleaned up

    Maybe…eventually … but at what cost?  In the meantime they look bad!

  • Habit

    Don’t realise you do it?  Time to start thinking and break that habit!

  • Get away with it

    Littering is illegal and you can be fined. You never know who is watching!

  • It’s not litter

    One in every two items found in the litter stream is a butt!

  • No Harm Done

    Have you looked at THE PROBLEMS!?!

Butt Littering

People say the strangest things

OK….so they’re not exactly myths from ancient Greek or Roman times…but they are tales that have been elaborated and expanded over a long period of time….and they are not true.

Probably the greatest myth surrounding cigarette butt littering is that because butts are so small, they are harmless.

Coupled with the mistaken belief that filters are made of cotton and decompose easily, butts are rarely seen as what they really are – a serious environmental problem!

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