• Waterways

    It is estimated around one in ten cigarette butts ends up in rivers, bays and waterways.

  • Marine Life

    Butts have been found in the stomach of fish, birds, sea turtles and other marine creatures.

  • Animals

    Animals often mistake butts for food and they impact on wildlife habitat.

  • Kids

    Young children have been known to put butts they find in streets, parks or at beaches in their mouth.

  • Cost

    Cleaning up butt litter is a big expense, especially for local government. Guess who really pays?

  • Looks Bad

    Butt litter is visual pollution and impacts on the places where we all work, live and play.

  • Fire

    Butts have been known to cause fires when thrown from car windows and to start house fires.

  • Toxins

    Toxins (like cadmium, lead, arsenic & zinc) leach into the water and soil as butts break down.

  • It’s Litter

    Butts are LITTER and litter is magnetic.  LITTER attracts LITTER!

Butt Littering

It looks bad, but that’s not all

Butt litter has a range of impacts. Simply calling them environmental, economic and social doesn’t tell the whole story.

Butts are not only a big problem for the environment…they cost lots to be cleaned up…and they’re NOT A GOOD LOOK!

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